Moorland Federation becomes the first Includability Committed Education Setting

Published on
April 19, 2023
Dunster First School
Moorland Federation
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Moorland Federation join Includability Committed Employers such as Liverpool FC, Mencap, RNLI, The forestry Commision and Ellas kitchen

The Moorland Federation has successfully completed an initial 5 Star Verification Process in which we have committed to take the journey toward authentic inclusion by integrating fairness into our Federations culture and into each stage of our recruitment process by making commitments in the fields of sustainability, mental health, wellbeing, talent management, and diversity and inclusion.

The process was independently conducted by Includability Official Partners; Prosperah, Outliers Wellbeing, Flex Wellbeing, Unleashed, and Mental Health Charter CIC to ensure practices align with established definitions of an ‘Inclusive Workplace’.

Successfully completing the Includability 5 Star Verification Process for Includability Committed Education Setting immediately gives the Moorland Federation access to a growing community network of purpose-led organisations. Displaying our Includability Committed standard signifies to audiences and jobseekers that we are committed to undertaking steps to better ourselves through education and collaboration.

Paul Smith, Founder of Includability, said:

“We are so pleased to welcome The Moorland Federation to our community as our first Includability Committed Educational Setting. We are beyond thrilled to welcome educational settings into the Includability family to share best practice and transparency going forward. The journey to fully inclusive cultures starts with education. When the model for a fully-inclusive and transparent organisation is implemented from the starting point for so many, it is seen and respected! It becomes much easier to carry that model forward into all aspects of working life where people, planet, purpose and profit are valued equally. It’s time to change the map for the better, and there’s no better starting point than at our beginnings.
We cannot wait to welcome you to our community!”

Lizi Pravato, Business Manager at Moorland Federation, said:

“We are extremely proud to become the first education setting to have gone through the Includability Verification Process. We undertook this journey as we are dedicated to creating a supportive & inclusive culture for our employees. We strongly believe by role modelling positive behaviours & championing equality & diversity we instil this ethos as core values within our pupils. The focussed steps of verification have allowed us to look at where we are & plan the future development of our inclusive workplace, strengthening our message.”

Naomi Philp, Executive Headteacher added:

“I am immensely proud of the work of my whole federation team in embodying this ethos throughout the schools, and I am especially proud of Lizi Pravato for leading on this project with Includability. Diversity and equality are areas of utmost importance to our schools and we are proud to trail blaze with such an amazing group of people in our schools and now with our partners in Includability.”

Find Includability's Press Release here