Early Years Support Services

Our specialist EYFS team can support a nursery and or EYFS review of provision and help support your development of an action plan, space design and curriculum- depending on what your needs are. We work with multiple crriculum, EYFS professionals and writers to ensure our work is at the forefront of education practices.

Delivering success through experience & development

Partnering with Moorland Federation for our Early Years support has been transformative for our pre-school. The expertise, resource, and passion they bring to the table are unparalleled. Since collaborating with them, we've noticed a tangible enhancement in our teaching methods, and the results are evident in our children's growth and enthusiasm. We feel more equipped to provide a comprehensive and enriching start for our young learners.

Early Years Curriculum Support Services

At the Moorland Federation, we understand the importance of providing the most up-to-date and effective EYFS provision to equip children with the best start to their educational journey. That's why we've developed our comprehensive EYFS provision support – a comprehensive program designed to equip teachers and early years providers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to deliver an exceptional EYFS experiences.

Why choose the Moorland Federation for Early Years Curriculum Framework?

At the Moorland Federation, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in education. Our Early Years Curriculum Framework knowledge has been carefully developed by a team of experienced EYFS specialists, ensuring that it is both practical and relevant to the needs of today's pre-school and nursery settings.

By choosing our support solution, you can be confident that you are investing in your Early Years provision and equipping yourself with the skills and knowledge required to thrive, offering your children the best.

Why Choose the Moorland Federation?

What are the benefits of using us for your Early Years Support?

By participating in our Early Years Support Services, staff can expect to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the framework curriculum and best practices in education, allowing them to make informed decisions about their offer.
  • Acquire understanding in developing enabling environments.
  • Develop a more inclusive approach to teaching, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential.
  • Enhance continuous provision
  • Structure the curriculum to work towards integration with Reception and key stage 1. Including a focus on oracy.
  • Build a strong professional network with fellow educators, enabling them to share ideas, resources, and support.

Why choose our Early Years Services?

  • Current trends and best practices in Early Yeats Framework provision
  • Effective use of resources in the classroom
  • Differentiated instruction and inclusive strategies
  • Assessment for learning and data-driven decision making
  • Positive development

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Our expert team of school business, finance, SEND & compliance leads

Our team of experts can help you to deliver a compliant, financially robust and secure future for your educational setting.

Mrs Naomi Philp
Executive Headteacher for the Moorland Federation | Designated Federation Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Carys Barnett
Head Of School - Dulverton Juniors & All Saints | Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Helen Hickman
Federation Business Manager | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Lizi Pravato
Federation Business Manager | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

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