The Moorland Federation in Somerset, team up with 'sleep consultants' to improve pupil's routines

Published on
April 19, 2023
Dunster First School
Moorland Federation
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Better Sleep for Children, is being rolled out across the five schools of the Moorland Federation

The Moorland Federation of schools has teamed up with sleep consultants Little Dreams to improve pupil's routines.

A new initiative, Better Sleep for Children, is being rolled out across the five schools of the Moorland Federation. They are Dunster First School, Timberscombe CoE School, Exford CoE First School, St Dubricius CoE First School and Cutcombe CoE First School.

The three-part programme is aimed at both parents and teachers of children aged between 3 and 10 years old. Better Sleep for Children covers the importance of sleep, top tips for getting better sleep, as well as practical advice for parents to help guide their approach to sleep behaviours.

Better Sleep for Children was launched in January 2023, and Little Dreams hope to take their programme to schools across the UK.

Rosy Arch, a parent of a child at the Moorland Federation said: "As a parent of two children aged 5 and 10, it was incredibly useful to learn more about how much sleep they really need and what positive steps we can put into place to enable better sleep for them (and us!). Fay and Jenna kept the information easy to understand and shared real life experiences to explain techniques for better sleep. We have already adapted out evening routine which has had a positive impact for all of our family."
Alison Blackmore, Head of School at Cutcombe C of E First School said: "Sleep is such a fundamental element of a child's well-being and ability to concentrate and stay focused in their learning and play.  We wanted to offer parents support and advice from experts on how to help improve their child's sleep routines and habits to ensure the children were fulfilling their potential in school.
"Jenna and Fay were brilliant every step of the way with clear communication and information pitched at the right level for all parents.  The feedback from parents has been really positive and we look forward to seeing a positive impact as parents use the strategies and tips provided."