Celebrating Gymnastic Success!

Published on
November 28, 2023
Dunster First School
Moorland Federation
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A huge congratulations to our star gymnasts

We're absolutely thrilled to share some fantastic news from the West Somerset Primary School Gymnastics Competition.

A huge congratulations to our star gymnasts from Timberscombe First School for clinching the first place, to Dunster First School for an impressive second-place and to St Dubricius First School for a brilliant third place!

Wow! What an exciting event this was for our teams!

Creating opportunities to shine!

It's not just about winning; it's about participating, giving it your all, and growing through every experience and every child competing for their school did themselves and their individual schools proud!

This competition is a wonderful platform that focuses on grassroots development, encouraging our children to stay active, explore the world of gymnastics, and ignite a passion for this beautiful sport.

Encouraging the commitment

At Moorland Federation, we're committed to nurturing talents and providing ample opportunities in competitive sports. Seeing our young gymnasts shine and display such talent and dedication is a proud moment for us all.

Their success is a testament to their hard work, perseverance and the incredible support of our coaches and staff.

Our thanks to Number 1 West Somerset for organising this event.