Timberscombe First School - Our School Development Plan

Peruse our School Development Plan to understand the strategic steps we're taking to enhance the learning experience at Timberscombe First School.

We Live, Love and Learn Together

Peruse our School Development Plan to understand the strategic steps we're taking to enhance the learning experience at Timberscombe First School.

At Timberscombe First School, we believe in the power of nurturing each individual, our unique 'Acorns', into the mighty 'Oaks' they have the potential to become. Our School Development Plan is an outline of our commitment to creating an enriched environment that promotes a broad spectrum of learning experiences, firmly rooted in our belief in every child's infinite possibilities.

Quality of Education

We believe in providing a quality education that fosters curiosity, inspires confidence, and promotes autonomy in learning. Our focus areas include:

Curriculum Review

We are committed to reviewing our curriculum regularly, basing improvements on the most recent pedagogy and research on how children learn best.

Enhancing Autonomy in Learning

We aim to ensure our pupils have the highest levels of autonomy over their learning, equipping them with the motivation, confidence, and skills to succeed.

Phonics Teaching and Provisions

We are excited to incorporate the Little Wandle phonics scheme into our strong existing provisions for phonics teaching.

Expert Tutoring and Support

We acknowledge the impact of lockdowns on our pupils' emotional, social, and academic development and are dedicated to delivering expert and additional tutoring to bridge any gaps.

Federation Support

We look forward to leveraging support from across our federation to boost our capacity for curriculum development and leadership.

ICT Connectivity and Provision

Recognising the importance of technology in learning, we aim to improve our ICT connectivity and provision for our pupils.

ICT Curriculum Review

In light of increased remote and online learning, we will review our ICT curriculum, ensuring its e-safety provision is fit for this era.

Curriculum Linkages

We are excited about creating links with the Middle and College phases for writing, maths, and RSHE curriculums.

SIAMS Targets

Our vision for our Church of England school is reflected in our SIAMS targets:

Embedding the Vision

We plan to develop a range of strategies to embed the detail of our vision more fully in the school life. We will review our school policies and documentation to reflect this vision and ensure a systematic recording of information from monitoring and evaluation to inform our planning.

Leadership and Management

Our focus areas in this domain include:

Structural Support

We aim to embed the new structure supporting governance and leadership to ensure success.

Staff Wellbeing

Recognising the importance of staff wellbeing, we are committed to securing our alignment with the Staff Wellbeing Charter.

Tracking and Benchmarking

We will refine our tracking and national benchmarking systems to ensure we are doing our best for our schools.

Safeguarding Standards

Maintaining safeguarding standards remains a high priority.

Behaviour and Attitudes

Our focus areas in this domain include:

Attendance Procedures

We will revisit our attendance procedures post-COVID lockdowns with a focus on safeguarding.

Pupil Parliament

We will ensure full engagement with our Pupil Parliament reviews.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We will continue to value our trauma-informed schools approach with a focus on mental health and wellbeing.

Personal Development

Our focus areas in this domain include:

Curriculum Project Linkages

We will link with the Middle and College sectors on a curriculum project to ensure our RSHE programme keeps our children fully safe.

Multicultural Aspects

We will review the multicultural and cultural capital aspects of our curriculum to ensure our pupils have a positive understanding of diverse cultures.

We believe this development plan will help us guide our precious 'Acorns' to grow into mighty 'Oaks', fully prepared for the infinite possibilities the world holds for them.

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