The Curriculum at Langford Budville Primary School

In all areas of our curriculum we aim to engage, motivate and stretch each child. We do this by providing stimulating lessons that are purposeful, enjoyable and responsive to each unique child.

The Curriculum at Langford Budville Primary School

Our Comprehensive Curriculum: Nurturing Knowledge and Skills

In all areas of our curriculum we aim to engage, motivate and stretch each child. We do this by providing stimulating lessons that are purposeful, enjoyable and responsive to each unique child.

We intend to promote the development of children intellectually, socially, physically and morally to provide children with the basic skills they need for life.

Curriculum Vision

‘Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly’

Our Christian ethos underpins how and what we deliver in the school’s curriculum as all children are created in the image of God and are therefore entitled to the very best of everything.  Within the Moorland Federation, we give our children ‘roots and wings’.

We believe in personalised, holistic education:

  • We aim to develop and educate the whole child, academically, morally, socially, spiritually, culturally and physically in order that they become a happy and fulfilled member of society.
  • The curriculum is tailored to suit the abilities and needs of each individual child.

We are committed to developing young people as life-long learners:

  • Every child is given the opportunity to develop their learning skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, in order to support a life-long love of learning and give them the confidence to ‘try’.

We have high expectations of everyone, pupils and adults:

  • Every child is challenged and supported to exceed expectations in all they do. They are encouraged to think about their futures and have high aspirations.
  • We have a relentless determination to raise standards.

We value kindness:

  • Excellent relationships between adults and pupils support pupils’ academic progress through the trust and encouragement that these relationships develop.

We want every child to find the place where they can flourish:

  • We are committed to providing a curriculum that is exciting and provides unique opportunities in which children can learn and develop their God-given talents and abilities.

We work in partnership with others:

  • We work closely with the other first schools in our federation, and other local schools, the local community, our founding trust and our church.

The school curriculum

  • We offer a broad and balanced curriculum promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils.
  • As a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School, we have collective worship every day.
  • Religious education (RE) is included in the curriculum for all pupils.
  • The school curriculum includes the national curriculum and is published on the school website.
  • Personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) is included in our curriculum for all pupils.
  • In line with the national curriculum our curriculum provides pupils with the foundations and introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.
  • We use the national curriculum to provide an outline of core knowledge upon which, alongside our broader curriculum offer, we build pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • We include in our curriculum, all statutory subjects within the national curriculum.
  • Our curriculum is inclusive and tailored to suit the requirements of all individual pupils.

Two Year Rolling Programme

We are following the 2014 National Curriculum on a Two Year rolling programme.  It may be necessary to adapt the rolling programme during the year.

For further information about any of our curriculum areas please contact the school office with your enquiry.

Rolling Programme

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