Langford Budville Primary School - Our School Development Plan

We continuously strive to elevate the quality of education at our school.

Langford Budville Primary School - Our School Development Plan

The Power of Education

We continuously strive to elevate the quality of education at our school.

Inspired by our statement 'Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly', we believe in nurturing our young learners' potential to facilitate their growth into strong, resilient individuals. This page delves into our ongoing commitment to deliver quality education and enriching experiences at Langford Budville Primary School.

The power of education is undeniable, and it forms the core of our School Development Plan.

Curriculum Intent and Implementation

Our curriculum is designed with a definitive purpose: to provide a pathway for our students to acquire the knowledge and skills they will need at each stage of their educational journey. We ensure that every milestone in this journey builds towards this overarching goal.


Experiences beyond the classroom play an integral part in the holistic development of a child. Therefore, we continually evaluate and enhance our extra-curricular offerings, ensuring they provide avenues for our pupils to explore their talents and passions.


Our policy for marking and feedback, fully embedded in our teaching and learning processes, aids our educators in tailoring their planning, groupings, and interventions to students' needs. This feedback loop ensures that no child is left behind.

SEND and Inclusion

Inclusion is at the heart of our ethos. We are committed to ensuring that all children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), make meaningful progress and enjoy access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

EYFS Provision

Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provision has been structured to offer clear intent, effective implementation, and measurable impact. This gives our youngest learners the best possible start to their education.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Incorporating the EYFS Framework from September 2021, we aim to ensure a smooth and cohesive transition for our pupils into Key Stage 1. We are determined to monitor and ensure that children are making significant progress from their individual starting points.

Personal Development

We recognise the importance of nurturing not just academic but also personal growth in our students.

Developing Pupil Voice and Personal Development

Outdoor learning opportunities such as Forest School form an integral part of our strategy to develop pupil voice and personal development.

Cultural Capital and Equity

We strive to broaden our pupils' horizons by leveraging our national and international links. This engagement with diverse cultures and communities aims to enrich learning and experience.

Citizenship & Character Education

Our curriculum includes a focus on British Values, citizenship, and responsibility. We actively support local causes and charitable events, instilling in our pupils a sense of community and altruism.

Careers and Aspirations

We are invested in fostering aspirations among our students, offering clear pathways of support for their future career plans. We aim to ensure that they value opportunities at the local, national, and international level.

Behaviour and Attitudes

Our approach to fostering positive behaviour and attitudes in our students involves various strategies.

School Council/Pupil Ownership

We aim to extend the use of the school council, engaging students in leadership activities, introducing debate and philosophy, and promoting eco-responsibilities.


We are committed to embedding wellbeing and mindfulness across our federation, dedicating curriculum time to these areas and promoting outdoor learning.

Metacognition, Deep Learning, and Skills

Our goal is to enable pupils to become independent, creative, and resilient problem solvers. We strive to ensure deep learning through the cultivation of higher-order thinking skills.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to improvement, we will continuously monitor and review our progress using a range of methodologies including external reviews, leadership reviews, parental reviews, and student leadership reviews. We acknowledge that improvement is a continuous journey, and we are committed to embracing it every step of the way.

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