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Mrs Angela Hall

Timberscombe First School
Head of School - Timberscombe | Designated Safeguarding Lead
Additional Roles:

A dynamic educator with over a decade of rich teaching experience across multiple counties, meet our Head of School who has been the cornerstone of our academic excellence at Timberscombe since 2022.

Born and raised in Hampshire, she ignited her passion for teaching at Bangor University, where she spent three years studying Education with Music. She began her professional journey in an infant school, instilling the foundation of education in young minds for four years.

From there, she ventured to South Devon to broaden her pedagogical expertise in a large primary school setting. During her eight-year tenure in Devon, she spearheaded the Primary Languages initiative in Torbay, demonstrating her leadership skills and commitment to linguistic diversity.

Her global teaching experiences are invaluable. Having taught in schools in India and Peru, she mastered the art of teaching effectively even with minimal resources, and adapting to different languages and cultures. These enriching experiences strengthened her innovative teaching strategies and cultural sensitivity, which she brings to our diverse classroom environments.

In 2014, she commenced her tenure in Dunster, where she also excelled in her role as the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). Her dedication to inclusivity and personalized learning strategies are commendable. She achieved the SENCO Award, reflecting her expertise and commitment to special education needs.

A music enthusiast, she loves attending festivals and music tours, thanks to her sound engineer husband. These experiences infuse her teaching approach with creativity, helping children explore learning beyond traditional methods.

Key Certifications & Abilities:

  • Bachelor's degree in Education with Music from Bangor University
  • Proven leadership in spearheading Primary Languages in Torbay
  • International teaching experience in India and Peru
  • Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) Award
  • Exceptional expertise in managing special educational needs and promoting inclusivity
  • Vibrant and creative teaching approach enhanced by a love for music.

This seasoned educator brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and enthusiasm to Timberscombe, fostering an inspiring and inclusive learning environment for every pupil. Her diverse experiences, combined with her passion for music and culture, create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere where every child is encouraged to reach their full potential.

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Our team of educators and specialist staff leading the way

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Mrs Angela Hall
Head of School - Timberscombe | Designated Safeguarding Lead


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